How to Beef Up Your Online Presence Using Hyplet Objects

hyplet_logo.jpgI was looking for a web-based application that could help me design a business card when an email arrived in my inbox from, your online signature. And what an opportune time to receive a note from a site that answers my current need for a nifty web application? Hyplet, which goes by the moniker – your online signature could perhaps be one of the coolest, hippest and most useful web applications that you could ever encounter. If you’re in need of a quick way to beef up your online presence through sleek looking personal IDs or flyers.sample_hyplet.jpg

When creating your personal IDs, Hyplet gives you several options that include basic IDs, Mini IDs, Biz cards, and blogger’s box, network IDs, virtual and Gamer IDs and Fun IDs. While if online Flyers are you thing or two, you also have several options which includes, blog flyers, freestyle flyers, video flyers, personal flyers, music flyers, photo flyers, party flyers, eShop Flyers and announcement flyers.

I’m telling you, these Hyplet web objects are pretty neat and would definitely beef up your online presence. And you can easily add these Hyplet objects to your email as a signature, or web pages as widgets.

So, how do you beef up your online presence using Hyplet? It’s as simple as three steps.

  1. Select a template
  2. Edit the information in the template
  3. Save and publish your new Hyplet IDs!

Now, that was easy.