How to Backup Your Tweets

Close your eyes and imagine for a second that something catastrophic happened to Twitter’s servers, and all of your tweets were lost for eternity. How would you feel? It’s not a pleasant thought, but it could happen. Obviously the company would do what it could to retrieve your tweets, but there is a very real possibility that they would be lost forever – unless you had your own backup. We’ve got the answer for you if you’re looking for a way to backup your tweets to preempt data loss (knock on wood!).

Your tweets are stored in Twitter’s servers, but they’re not visible forever. After a few weeks, tweets are archived and are no longer searchable via So backing up your tweets is a good way to keep a record handy of everything you’ve tweeted for posterity’s sake.

There are half a dozen services that will backup your tweets, but we’re going to highlight one today: TweetBackup.

TweetBackup is one of the most popular Twitter archiving services out there. It allows you to archive all of you tweets going back to the day you set up your Twitter account. It has backed up almost 100 million tweets, and it’s the only account that the WikiLeaks Twitter account is following – indicating that WikiLeaks trusts TweetBackup to save its tweets should anything happen.

You won’t have to pay a thing to use TweetBackup, but they do ask that you follow @tweetbackup on Twitter to access their services. You don’t have to download anything, either, as TweetBackup is fully web-based.

To access TweetBackup, simply sign in with Twitter using oAuth. They’ll ask for your email address, and you can choose whether or not to tweet to your followers that you are using their service. Once you’re in, TweetBackup starts archiving your tweets right away – but this can take up to 48 hours to complete, so don’t fret if you only see your most recent tweets in its database.

That’s all there is to it. If you’re looking for a way to save your tweets from some terrible, unforeseeable server apocalypse, or you just want to keep a record for yourself, TweetBackup is a great place to start.