How to Ask For Meaningful Work as an Intern

This post is a shout out to summer interns who are striving to make a mark in the world one internship at a time.

According to a piece in The New York Post, an intern expresses concern he’s going to be given menial tasks. Wanting to know how he can approach his employer to ask for more work, he wonders how to communicate this message without sounding like he’s whining?

“You can’t,” Greg Giangrande, executive vice-president and chief human resources officer at Time, Inc., writes in the piece. “It seems to be in your DNA, you youngsters — all you little Zuckerbergs think you should be given VC funding to reinvent the Internet before you’ve paid any dues. Which is great if you’ve got that kind of unique vision, ambition and intelligence.”

Essentially, Giangrande says interns need to start making copies just like we all did at some point in our careers. Yes, this means making coffee runs, too. He points out in the piece that attitude is everything. “If you want more responsibility, the way you’ll get it is to be masterful at what you’re told to do and do it with a great attitude.”