How to Approach Your Boss With Unrelentless Work Expectations

hangoverIf your cup runneth over, you’re not alone. If you’re immersed in deadline after deadline as your team is short-staffed and you’re picking up the slack, it’s time for a conversation with your boss.

First things first though. Deep breaths. Exhale. Sit still. Okay, now that we’ve taken a moment to pause, the next step is action.

Per a piece on The Daily Muse, you may be tempted to continue burning the midnight oil out of fear of losing your job.Fear is such a real obstacle, isn’t it? Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of loss. That said, it’s time to get over it! Otherwise you’ll continue to get walked on. The least you can do is have a conversation.

You owe it to yourself; if things don’t change after that or if your boss doesn’t understand your plight, it may be time to look for a new job and explore all of your options. Until then, take it from The Daily Muse and have that conversation first.

Monique B. Jensen, principal of corporate consulting firm the Aviary Group, explains in the piece, “A difficult conversation can make the difference between the success and collapse of a valued relationship.”Once you make up your mind to have that conversation, you can get your mind into a positive state by realizing yes, you deserve better. She also advises using open-ended questions to “raw out the causes of the difficulty in this awkward situation.”What does this mean exactly? Before you meet up, figure out how long each assignment takes to accomplish. You can ask your supervisor how long she or he anticipates each item on the list to realistically take.

The piece adds, “This way, you can find out how your boss sees the workload before you come across as naive or confrontational.”

Good luck!