How to Add Symbols to your Tweets

Did you know that you can tweet using more than just the alphabet? Twitter accepts some pretty funky symbols, too, so you can shorten up your tweets even more – think “I ♥ Twitter” rather than “I love Twitter”. We’ve got a quick guide to adding symbols to your tweets, so you can experiment with more than just 🙂 emoticons.

For those of you with a little programming knowledge, the basis of these symbols lies in UTF-8 character encoding. You don’t really need to know anything about it to make the symbols work for you, but check out the Wikipedia page if you’re curious.

If you want to go and search out all of the available UTF-8 symbols on your own, you can easily copy+paste them into your tweets and start using cute ❀s and spiritual ☯s.

However, there are two Twitter-specific apps out there that compile all of the symbols into one place. We suggest using one of these:

TwitterKeys provides you with a small floating window that displays the complete set of symbols you can use in Twitter. It was created by folks at TheNextWeb, and it makes it easy to flip between the small window and your Twitter account to copy+paste the symbols in.

The second option is Twitter Symbols. This is a static webpage which displays all of the available symbols in one place. You can bookmark it, and open it in a new tab whenever you want to add a symbol to your tweet.