How To Add Background Image And Color To MySpace

One of the most important ways how to personalize your MySpace profile page is to change background. It can be done in several ways and methods but the most important thing you should remember is to keep it neat – it means that all the design including background must be done with taste.

I’m pretty sure that you have seen very much ugly MySpace pages with very contrast colors and tasteless graphics inside, but with little work you can create very nice looking pages that doesn’t even look like MySpace. Below I will list some tips how to add background colors and graphics to MySpace to maybe give you some ideas for beginning.

1. How to add background color to MySpace

To add background color to MySpace you need just place a CSS code in one of the fields in your edit profile page. To do that go to Home -> Edit Profile -> Interests & Personality and in ‘About Me’ field place this code:

<style type=”text/css”>
body {background-color: FFFFFF;}
table, td{background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0;}

With the FFFFFF code is described color of your background (FFFFFF – white color). Color codes you can find in different online tools – maybe the most simple way is to use ColorLovers or Kuler because it will give you also best suited colors for other profile changes you will make and will build complete color schemes for your page.

With the third line in the provided example code you just make the central area of the page transparent it means that whole page now have one solid color without any borders of content areas. You can remove this line and background color will be visible only in the sides of the page but central.content area will remain the same.

2. How to add background image to MySpace

Adding background image or pattern to your profile is also very easy task and you must do almost the same thing – add CSS code to Home -> Edit Profile -> Interests & Personality field ‘About Me’ .


<style type=”text/css”>
body {background-image: url(}

Here you can see one example how to add one pattern taken from Squidfingers page to MySpace profile – you can use this site to search for nice patterns but also feel free to look into other websites for patterns and images to use them as backgrounds of your MySpace page. All you need to do is provide full link to image, which will be your background, and write this link into provided code example above – add the code to your MySpace profile later and that’s it!

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