How To Add an iPad or iPhone Keyboard Shortcut

Do you get frustrated typing the same long words, email addresses or difficult names in your iPhone or iPad?

You should add a shortcut to speed up your typing and make your life easier. Below, we’ve listed the simple steps to add a typing shortcut on an iPhone or iPad. Do you have a favorite typing shortcut?

1. Click on the settings on your iPad or iPhone. Click on the “General” tab. Then click the “Keyboard” tab toward the bottom of the menu (see the image embedded above for a visual).

2. Click on the “Add New Shortcut” tab at the bottom of the “Keyboard” page. You can also change auto-correct and auto-capitalization functions here.


3. Type the word, phrase or email address you want to create a shortcut for. Choose a shortcut that you can easily type, but don’t chose any letter combination that you normally type.