How The Presidential Candidates Are Using Twitter [STATS]

Did you know that Herman Cain is the Republican Presidential candidate most likely to be retweeted? Or that Newt Gingrich tweets nearly 500 times in a week?

The Associated Press took a hard look at how the Presidential candidates are using Twitter to promote themselves and their campaigns, and found that 140-character skills among the political elite varied wildly.

Of course, President Obama is the pack leader when it comes to Twitter followers. He has over 10 million followers, outpacing his GOP rivals. His account has tweeted 731 times since he announced his bid for re-election, with a handful of tweets, signed “bo”, written by the President himself.

However, the difference between the GOP candidates is even more pronounced that the difference between the two parties on Twitter.

Take Newt Gingrich for example. As the AP notes, his campaign is more than $1 million in debt, but he’s taking to Twitter as a form of nearly free advertising. Since last Monday, Gingrich has tweeted more than 470 times.

Next in line with the most tweets is Rick Santorum, with 326. And in last place? That would be the other Rick in the race, Rick Perry, who has tweeted just 42 times since launching his campaign in August.

The AP also noted the difference in strategy between the candidates. Mitt Romney, for instance, tweets relatively safe tweets “largely reflecting the campaign’s orderly nature,” while Jon Huntsman tweets controversial statements, most recently about the renewed debate about Obama’s birthplace.

But when it comes to retweets, no other candidate is as successful as Herman Cain. Cain has sent 579 tweets since his campaign begain, and 144 of those have been retweeted more than 100 times.

The AP examined all tweets sent by all Presidential candidates from the day they joined the Presidential race to Monday, October 24.

(Image courtesy of SVLuma via Shutterstock)