How The Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg News Uses Twitter

Matthew Winkler is the Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg News, as well as a recent Twitter convert. His first tweet was on May 12th, and it was a rather bland announcement of an award won by Bloomberg News. The rest of his three total tweets are also boring statements about the honors Bloomberg News has been given.

Somehow, All Things D thought there would be more behind Winkler’s journey into Twitter, so they interviewed him about it. And guess what? Winkler gives the most boring answers we’ve read in months:

Peter Kafka: Why did you get on Twitter? What do you hope to accomplish?

Matthew Winkler: I want to share the most immediate and direct appreciation of Bloomberg’s reporting, and Twitter is ideal for that purpose.

What was your opinion of Twitter before you started using the service? Has it changed now that you’re tweeting?

I have always admired technology that makes the delivery of news more efficient and Twitter is a good example.

Woo! Are you still sitting down??? Because that was some powerful, insightful stuff right there!

If you’re a thrill seeker – someone who just laughs in the face of danger – go ahead and check out the rest of the interview. Otherwise, we suggest you steer clear.