How The Cookie Crumbles | It’s In A Book | High Profile

  • AllFacebook: Cookie Monster is harnessing the power of Facebook in his attempt to host SNL. Perhaps because he lives in a far-off, magical world without diabetes, but Cookie seems not to realize that no one has watched SNL for about ten years now.
  • eBookNewser: Here’s a free, Thanksgiving-themed ebook to download. Hide your Kindle in your napkin and read it tomorrow as your Uncle Stan displays his latest mole, the one that kind of looks like the late Princess Diana.
  • Mashable: Speaking of Facebook, here are some tips for choosing the perfect profile picture. For example, if you’re a ladyperson, do not purse your lips in a sexy manner unless you want all the attention in the world.
  • Lemondrop: Here’s an easy way of making your Thanksgiving dinner about 69 percent less fun this year.