How The Biggest Names In Sports Are Connected On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Each industry has its own universe on Twitter. The interconnectedness of thought leaders and participants in a space creates a web of influence – and Chartball has created a massive, interactive infographic showing this universe among the sports elite on Twitter.

Chartball has identified 4,000 sports tweeters who are active on Twitter. They began by identifying the most vocal thought leaders in sports, and built out the universe by adding in those accounts connected to them.

The infographic depicts each account as a circle, and when clicked on, you can see who else is connected to this account. The size of each circle represents the influence of the tweeter, including follower count and impact on the sports community. And the distance between each circle represents how connected they are to one another.

When you click on an account, you will also see its bio, the number of followers, and a link to its Twitter account.

You can explore this infographic here, clicking on the accounts you’re interested in and seeing who they’re most connected to. As Chartball notes, sports media accounts tend to be central to the sports universe, as a majority of other Twitter sports figures are connected to them. And each of the major sports leagues, such as the NBA and the NFL, are the center of their respective industries.

When exploring the sports universe, you can zoom in and out using your mouse scroll button, to get a better, and less crowded, picture of who’s connected to who in sports. Here’s a snapshot of ESPN as the central account:

You can see for yourself who’s who in the Twitter sports universe over at Chartball.

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