How Some Cyber-CPR Saved Conan O’Brien

Photo: Meghan Sinclair, Team Coco

What has a red pompadour, made a Justin Bieber visit hilarious for lovers and haters alike, and is still making us all wonder what the heck Team Coco really is?

The resurgence of Conan O’Brien is nothing short of staggering. He’s not #1 or #2 in the ratings but let’s take into consideration that the major networks are in 15 million more homes than Conan’s TBS is. Remember: TBS used to be known as “Channel 17” and aired programming like this.

But I digress. In a seriously serious must-read in Fortune, the real deal details are uncovered about how Conan O’Brien went from out-of-work talk show host, to sympathetic red-headed step-child, to cyber-friggin-dude.

What came out the other side was a strange contract negotiation that only Bill Carter seems to be willing to discuss, the gracious nature of George Lopez, and a social media campaign that is still churning out a powerful message.

Team Coco is not just a fun way to follow Conan, it’s a company, a corporation. (You’ll have to read the aforementioned must must read in order to find out how the name came to be.) Social Media is a powerful tool!

As wonky as that just sounded, the ways we are told to “make noise” on social media are even more wonky. (Sorry Squidoo…whatever you.) Conan O’Brien had no idea what he was doing at first. But he surrounded himself with good people he trusted. Now, Conan O’Brien has “gone beyond television.” We can all just follow, stream, watch, and wait. The red-headed cyber-phenomenon could teach us all a thing or two about the do’s and the don’ts of PR.