How Social Will Win the Election Ad Wars [Infographic]

Pundits from all sides of the beltway have stepped into their raucous agendas in the last few weeks, and it’s just going to continue as the elections heat up.  But one strange winner of the upcoming election will definitely be social media.  While in 2008 it was a turning point to help Obama appeal to younger voters, social media has come a long way and is a major part of many of our lives.  A new infographic from 140proof shows that in this coming election, both parties are going to be using social media, and in some cases taking those dollars out of traditional advertising.

The folks at 140proof have collected some interesting statistics about the time that people are spending on TV and social, but also make some qualitative analyses of the fact that social media is real-time and interactive.  This is something that just didn’t exist before — while watching a live debate, an echo of the debate occurs on Twitter for the whole world to see.  What do the people think of these ideas?  Ideally, this promotes a healthier democracy but too often it becomes a bit of a turf war.  And in those turf war situations, it’s prudent and effective (although Machiavellian) to put ad dollars into stoking the fires for your own party.  Check out the infographic below and let us know what you think.