How Social Is Your Supermarket? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Does the produce section at your local supermarket tweet? We might not be quite at the point where the freshest apples will tweet to us letting us know when they were picked, but supermarkets are jumping on the social trend with gusto.

This infographic from Tamba explores how supermarkets are harnessing the power of social to get you to make a purchase. And with a quarter of all fast moving consumer goods and consumer packaged goods purchases influenced by social media, it makes sense.

A significant portion of purchases from household cleaning and detergents (18%) to non-alcoholic beverages (34%) is influenced by mobile or online content.

And people are actively seeking to be influenced, it seems: 37 percent of grocery shoppers access their store’s social media sites on Facebook and/or Twitter, and 78 percent of shoppers expect brands – including all of those brands you see when walking down the grocery aisles – to have an active Twitter account.

Individual grocery brands are embracing social in a big way. Kellogg’s, for instance, has spent over $1 billion on digital promotions thus far, and Unilever spent 15 percent of its advertising budget online in 2011.

Take a look at other ways the grocery aisle is becoming more social in the infographic below:

(“Getting Social In The Supermarket” infographic courtesy of Tamba; Smartphone in shopping cart image via Shutterstock)