How Social Are Websites Today? [STATS]

Twitter is among the most popular social network destinations for websites to point to, but just how popular is it? Research from BrightEdge [PDF] suggests that social media still isn’t visible on 51% of the top 10,000 websites – but Twitter is steadily gaining on Facebook for the number one social network of chose.

Of the 10,000 websites examined by BrightEdge, 49% included a link to a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter account, or another social network. As you can see below, Twitter is the second most-popular social media link, with a 41.8 percent share of those websites that have at least one social media link. Facebook is in first place with 47.4 percent.

The fact that Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social media links on websites isn’t really a surprising fact. The data does, however, show some rather interesting results when looking at social media plugins, as opposed to links. Looking at plugins like the Facebook “Like” button, Twitter’s “Share” button or the new Instant Follow button, and Google +1 reveals that Twitter is lagging behind.

Twitter’s Share button is only visible on 2.1 percent of the websites examined, and its Instant Follow is only on a paltry 1.3 percent. Facebook, however, has a healthy 10.8 percent presence for its Like button, and another 9.2 percent among its other plugins. And even Google +1, the newest social network just introduced this month, is visible on more than double the number of websites than Twitter’s Share button, at 4.5 percent.

So, while a link to a Twitter account is found across over 40 percent of all websites with some sort of social media attached, the plugins are visible on just over 3 percent. Twitter clearly has some work to do in promoting these under-used plugins if it wants to compete with the much-buzzed-about Google +1, not to mention the behemoth that is Facebook.

Via Search Engine Land