How Social Are UK SEO Agencies? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Companies offering search engine optimization (SEO) services aim to help their clients’ websites rank higher on Google, Bing and other search engines. But SEO does not exist in a bubble – many agencies are adding social media to their repertoire to help boost their visibility. Just how effectively are they using Twitter, Facebook and other social network?

This infographic from browser media explore the social media use of 101 top SEO agencies in the UK.

When it comes to services offered, SEO is, of course, the number one. After that, 86 percent of the agencies offer paid search. And the third-most offered service is social media, with a full 84 percent of agencies offering to tweet, update statuses and post videos to help website rankings.

Of the 101 agencies examined, 93 have their own Twitter account. They are variously active, tweeting on average 28 times in December 2011 and at maximum 123 times.

And the agencies have a wide range of followers, too. Nearly half (47 percent) have fewer than 500 followers, while the most-followed account has 19,861.

It’s not surprising that so many SEO agencies are turning to social media to augment not only their offering, but their own visibility. By practicing what they preach, these agencies will be able to help attract more clients and increase their exposure through search.

Take a look at the infographic below:

(SEO image via Shutterstock)