How Raddatz Did It

ABC News is basking today in their impressive breaking of the Zarqawi story and the AP’s David Bauder writes up the play-by-play:

“The ABC News report was based on a tip phoned from a source to Martha Raddatz, who was named ABC’s chief White House correspondent last November after a dozen years covering the Pentagon for ABC News and National Public Radio.

“Raddatz, who reported via phone on the air to ABC overnight anchors Ron Corning and Tainia Hernandez, sourced her report to a senior military official.”

Raddatz, technically on vacation and working on a book, left ABC’s DC bureau at 2 in the morning and got the call just as soon as she had crawled into bed at home and shut her eyes.

“It’s a good thing these things are exhilarating,” Raddatz told Bauder, “because you need to be exhilarated when you haven’t slept all night.”

>UPDATE: Speaking of Zarqawi, “Eat the Press” wonders who’s doing the photo-editing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.