How Popular Is Pinterest Around the World? [Infographic]

Pinterest is the 16th most popular website in the U.S. and nearly half of all Pinterest users are Americans. This infographic shows how quickly Pinterest is spreading around the world.

Pinterest allows users to compile images from all over the Web into an online scrapbook and share ideas with other members. Since the site launched in private beta in 2011, Pinterest has grown to 12 million active users. The site received 16.23 million unique visitors in February alone.

Color Jam graphic studio used data from AppAppeal to create a map of Pinterest users in different countries.  For each country on the map, there are three numbers. The rankings are based on how Pinterest stacks up against other popular sites in each country. The percentages measure the average number of users and page views each country brings to Pinterest every day.

While Pinterest is still small outside the U.S., it has generated at least some interest in other parts of the world. Canadians are the second largest group of people on Pinterest. They account for 3.6 percent of the user base and 3.3 percent of the page views.

Click on the image to see a larger version of the map.