How Perino Reacts To Les, #4

Les Kinsolving is famous for asking oddball questions. So we’d like to track how White House Press Secretary Dana Perino reacts to them.

Today’s installment (from last week):

    I’m going to go back here. Les.

    Q Thank you, Dana.

    MS. PERINO: And then Pete.

    Q Two domestic questions. The Media Research Center — with the Centers for Disease Control’s statistics that HIV/AIDS in the U.S. is still a great deal higher among men who have sex with men —

    MS. PERINO: Let’s move on to the next question. I’m not even going to dignify —

    Q No —

    MS. PERINO: I’m not, Les, unless you want to just move on altogether. What’s your next question?

    Q All right. In major cities like Washington, Chicago and San Francisco, there are reports that gay bathhouses facilitate —

    MS. PERINO: Okay, Keith, go ahead. Les, it’s inappropriate —

    Q Inappropriate?

    MS. PERINO: — to bring up those questions in the briefing room.

    Q AIDS isn’t that —

    MS. PERINO: Just stop it, stop it.

    Go ahead, Keith.