How New York Media is Marking Sept. 11

nyp911.pngToday is the seventh anniversary of Sept. 11 and we thought we’d take a look at how the day is being commemorated in the New York print media.

Somewhat amazingly the New York Daily News is the only paper to feature today’s anniversary on their cover (though both the News and the Post are live streaming today’s WTC memorial service). The New York Post decided to devote a full page to the lipsticked pig (we would give money to be a fly on the wall in the room where Post headlines are determined). The New York Times currently has two interactive features on its homepage, but the actual front page of the print edition makes no real mention of it.

Pics and what the magazines are doing after the jump.

Neither NYMag nor The New Yorker have featured 9/11 on their covers since the 5th anniversary in 2006. The New Yorker, however, does have an article this week about the death of a Ground Zero police officer, while New York is all about the RNC’s barracuda.

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