How Nestle Plans to Speed Up Its Marketing by Setting Up Shop In Salesforce’s New York Office

Launches 'digital command center' to manage data

This week, Nestle opened a permanent new office in New York that's housed within Salesforce's space in lower Manhattan.

The marketer is opening a so-called digital command center that's staffed by a handful of Salesforce employees in order to monitor and manage both offline and online data from eight of Nestle's water brands.

Eight screens in a small room display everything from social chatter on Facebook and Twitter about Nestle to stats on the brand's email programs. The software also pulls in data about Nestle's media buys, and another screen shows a map of the United States that pinpoints which retailers sell its brands including Perrier, Poland Spring and Pure Life.

There's also a big video screen in Nestle's command center that's used for teleconferences and turned into a whiteboard for brainstorming.

According to Antonio Sciuto, Nestlé Waters North America's CMO, there are four purposes to the elaborate social space. First, find and listen to consumers through community management. Then, analyze all of the available data that Nestle has about its brand and products and respond and engage with consumers. Finally, the team plans to take all of that data and improve its marketing programs.

All of those tasks are ones that Nestle has traditionally outsourced to its agencies—including digital shop 360i—particularly when it comes to social analytics and listening. Now, Nestle's brand managers, agencies and Salesforce will work together to act and report on online trends in real-time and develop long-term plans.

"We want to create a better way to communicate," Sciuto said during a press event this morning at Salesforce's office. He added that, "the relationships with agencies have to evolve."

Bringing a part of its digital efforts in-house is part of a bigger plan to crank out digital and social content and programs faster than an agency typically can.

"[Agencies] were each monitoring all of the social listening for us and then they would give us reports where we got a summary in terms of what they were hearing, what they were seeing and we would use that to create our marketing campaigns," Courtney Stacks, senior marketing manager for Nestle Waters North America told Adweek.

Already, the room has been used to map out Nestle's marketing campaigns. On Wednesday, Nestle's agencies working on the Pure Life brand were briefed about a Halloween campaign that wraps small bottles of water in themed packaging.

Stacks was mum about details on the campaign, but digital components include a video and a blogger program, all of which is being managed through the command center.

"The transformation is that we still have all of those agencies, however, now we're going to be frontline listening to consumers," she said. "We're going to be bringing the agencies in here, it's part of the reason why we're in New York City. All of our planning and strategy sessions are going to be held here."


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