How Much Is That Doggie In…Oh…Oh, Really? That Much?


You’ve seen one auction where celebrities are involved in making something, you’d seen them all. “Oh, yeah, I bought that clay vase off this celebrity auction thing for a hundred bucks,” you’ve no doubt said at some time in your life. “I think Keith Richards made it really quickly in his basement kiln.” But this one’s a little different, or, if anything, cuter. By way of Things of Random Coolness, we ran across The Alive + Well Dog Project, a fundraiser for the Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK. Using a five year old’s drawing of a dog, the image was sent around to everyone from Moby to Keith Allen (that’s Lily’s dad, for you youngsters). Our favorite was the one attached, by Kath Jackston. You’ll have a blast browsing. And because the big auction was last night, sending these pieces to winners’ homes, if we find out some details on who took home what and for how much, we’ll let you know.