How Many Retweets Did Your Top Tweet Get?

Do you know what your most popular tweet was? No? Well now you do!

The kind folks at TwitSprout have created a website to show you what your top tweets were, and exactly how many retweets they got.

My Top Tweet will show you a list of your top ten tweets in terms of their retweets.

Just visit the website and connect to your Twitter account. Once connected, you input your Twitter name and My Top Tweet will perform some fancy calculations to show you which of your tweets were the most popular, and exactly how many retweets they each accumulated.

And, if you’re curious about some of the big names on Twitter (or your competitors), you can also use My Top Tweet to view the most retweeted tweets of any other account – that’s how I snagged the screenshot of Barack Obama (@BarackObama) and his tens of thousands of retweets above.

The creator of My Top Tweet, TwitSprout, is a one-page Twitter and Facebook dashboard that measures your accounts, and your competitors’. You can use the stats on your TwitSprout page to determine when your audience grows most quickly, what type of content gets the best engagement and much more, so you can refine your social strategy and improve your presence.

(Top image: Shaiith via Shutterstock)