How Many Photos Are Uploaded to Snapchat Every Second?

Despite being the smallest and youngest image-based social network, Snapchat users share more photos per second than users on every other photo-sharing network.

Snapchat has been evolving recently, from a photo sharing platform to a content consumption platform with more focus in the marketing and advertising space. However, Snapchat has also been dogged by claims that its metrics are padded, and some claim the site isn’t as large as it reports. An interactive graphic from analyzed image-based social sites to see how they stack up.

Photoworld compared Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr to see which site was the most impressive. It also compared the number of photos per day, the current number of users, the age of each company, and the final test was photos per second to get the best comparison.

Snapchat managed to come out on top, despite being the youngest company in the comparison. Photoworld’s data shows that Snapchat has 200 million users who share 8,796 photos per second.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 7.45.22 PM

Whatsapp was second in photos per second, with 8,102; however, with 700 million users, Whatsapp is a much bigger network than Snapchat. Those users post 700 million photos per day, which means that despite being close in terms of photos per second, Snapchat’s users are much more active.

Facebook has more than 1.39 billion users, yet it lags behind the top competitors substantially. Users post 350 million photos per day, and 4,501 per second.

Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook more than three years ago, also lags behind the field despite its apparent popularity. Its 300 million users only post 70 million photos per day, or 810 per second. Still a lot of photos, but behind Snapchat and Whatsapp despite being a premier destination for photo sharing.

Flickr also performed comparatively poorly despite more than 11 years online as a destination for photos. According to a press release, users only posted 41 photos per second.

If these numbers are any indication, it seems that mobile first photo sharing solutions like Snapchat and Whatsapp will dominate the market in the future. Longer lasting services like Facebook can become unfocused over time, and users start to engage in social hygiene — unfollowing and cleaning up feeds. If your site doesn’t meet the needs of your users, they may find a simpler, more focused service that does.