How Many People Work In Facebook’s PR Department?

The answer would be 25, according to a Facebook PR rep we spoke with. So how do reporters who cover the company describe its public relations strategy? It’s a delicate question for those reporters looking to maintain their level of access with the social networking powerhouse.

Facebook “plays a fair game of PR hardball” said Nick O’Neill, editor of PRNewser’s sibling site

Another reporter we spoke with said the Facebook PR team told them they get hundreds of media inquiries a day — not surprising. But despite the flood of inquiries, the PR team is responsive.

“A lot of companies will operate a sort of press@ or newsroom@ email address for general inquiries and Facebook I’ve found is one of the best companies at maintaining that,” said CNET’s Caroline McCarthy.

Facebook is “pretty straight-forward” when it comes to releasing company news, said another editor, occasionally giving exclusives to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, but more often than not opting to release news to their company blog or via their invite-only Facebook group for members of the media and analysts who cover the company.

Facebook also employs Outcast Communications as its agency of record, and occasionally hires Brooke Hammerling’s Brew Media Relations for project work.

Like any growing company, Facebook has faced PR hurdles…

From the controversial Beacon advertising system to the occasional gaffe from CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

However, the PR team certainly has reason to celebrate. As of today Facebook has eclipsed Yahoo! as the second most popular U.S. website. (You know who is still #1).