How Many People Are Missing The Point of Twitter?

I am completely addicted to twitter. In the short time that I have been on twitter have nearly sent a 1000 messages and made some great contacts. I ran across a blog by Mike Stopforth claiming he doesn’t get the point of twitter. He proclaims that twitter demands too much of his time and he has no time to spare.

Mike complains that he needs to be online 90% percent of the time to really benefit from twitter. I say that is fine. I am online 100% of my awaken hours. I hate to admit it, but my phone keeps me online and mobile 24 hours a day. I pay a hefty phone bill to have this feature but to be honest I couldn’t go with out my mobile internet.

As for the complaint that twitter takes up too much time. Twitter is an after the fact form of communication. I can spend as little or as much using twitter as I want. The key benefit I find in twitter is I can access it as little or as much as I want. No one on twitter gets upset if I don’t respond to them right away because they understand that twitter doesn’t mean I will give an instantaneous response.

People who view twitter as a form of communication like chat or standard sms are missing the point. Twitter is a microblog, it is an ongoing chronicle of what I think and do. Like any blog the goal is to have a conversation with your readers, but that conversation isn’t always guaranteed. At best I can hope that someone finds my twitter musings interesting enough to respond.

I have said it before and I will say it again, to really get the value out of twitter you need to find a way to go mobile. Using it when you can find time to use it really makes twitter fun and interesting.

I have to admit, I try to get some of my friends using twitter and none of them seem to be ready to make the jump. Is twitter to far removed from standard communications services to gain a real following? Have any of you had problems trying to convince your friends to explore the world of twitter? Maybe you think twitter is useless, let me know.