How Many Newspapers Mistaked Lez Zeppelin For The Real Thing? A Lot.


Amazing all-girl Led Zeppelin tribute band Lez Zeppelin is among the bands scheduled to play this year’s Bonaroo festival. Now, here’s the problem… A bunch of esteemed media outlets — the type of people who should know better — thought the tribute band was the real Page/Plant/Jones deal.

Obviously, they’re not. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Several media outlets — including the Associated Press, Britain’s NME and the Sun-Times — reported early this morning some very exciting news: that Led Zeppelin was finally booked for a stateside gig at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

From UK gossip blog Popbitch (e-mail only, alas):

Yesterday on The Telegraph website:

“Led Zeppelin to play Bonnaroo festival in US. The newly reunited Led Zeppelin are to follow-up their hugely successful comeback concert in London with a performance at a festival in the United States.”

“Lez, not Led, Zepellin to play Bonaroo in US.”

(Lez Zepellin are an all-female lesbian tribute band)

Meanwhile, our frenemies over at Gawker posted about UPI’s Led Zep foulup. How many Jimmy Page fanboys are there in the world of journalism whose jones for a Zeppelin reunion would allow them to overlook the fact that Bonaroo’s press materials made it blatantly obvious that they were a cover band? A lot, apparently.

(Also, go see Lez Zeppelin when you can. We’re not saying that because we’re sleeping with anyone in the band or anything… They’re just one of the best live acts we’ve seen in the past few years. Seriously people — they’re good.)