How To Make Your Facebook Wall More Popular

Here's how to entice people to read, like and comment on your wall posts.

Ever feel like you’re posting the same old stuff on your Facebook page? Here are some hints on creating popular wall posts that friends will want to read, like and comment on.

Maybe the best way to approach this subject is to first understand that as Facebook ages, it’s becoming challenging for users to attract attention at all.

So, how do you hook friends or fans into reading, liking and commenting on your posts – making you the popular one on Facebook?

After all, you’re taking time out of your busy (or not) day to put something up, so you might as well maximize your efforts. Here are some tips on creating the most popular wall posts.

1. Foster Conversations

Start an interesting dialogue and move it forward by responding to friends’ comments individually. Let them know you’re reading their feedback and care about their responses. Post often enough that friends look forward to your brilliance, but not so much that they decide to hide you. Try not to be a one-note song drilling home how cute your dog is or what happened at work that day. Everybody has a cute dog and tough days, which leads to the second tip

2. Be Original

Repeating status updates by passing along someone’s motivational quote for the day won’t do if for you. Neither will continual references on the same old topic; after all, not everyone wants to watch Gretchen Wilson signing Redneck Woman via your Facebook YouTube link.

3. Know Your Friends’ Interests

For example, if you’re interested in planking and more than half a million users are following it on Facebook, then plank and post. If your 20s are a distant memory, find something else to talk about that.

4. Be Positive

Positive posts attract more likes and negative posts attract more comments. That’s according to the Facebook team, which used Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count software to measure users’ emotional responses to postings.

5. Use Familiar Language

Similar language usage as your friends attracts more comments and interest. You’ve heard the old expression, “we speak the same language?” Seems that’s true in our online word, as well; again, according to a study conducted by the Facebook team. There’s a positive correlation between the language you employ in your posts and similar expressions and dialect that your friends use.

6. You, Not I Nor Me

Careful use of pronouns — same study — attracts more interest in your updates. And the word “you” is most attractive of all because it pulls other people into your orbit. However, the words “he” and “she” are also good, and make you more popular than using “I” or “me.”

7. Ask Your Friends For Input

Just ask your friends about something and you’ll get lots of responses. It’s a great method for creating a cross conversation between friends. People love to tell what they know.

Finally, look at your own page and read friends’ posts. Figure out what you like and what you don’t and keep that in mind before you post what you ate for dinner. That’s only fun if you’re in a great restaurant… and your friends are across the table from you enjoying the same meal.