How Long Will You Be Unemployed? (Sigh…)

flickr: Don Fulano (share alike)

As long as it takes you to find a job—that’s the easy answer. (Or if you’re going by the government’s definition, as long as it takes before you stop looking, decide to go back to school, or take a part-time job flipping ammonia-tainted burgers.)

Here’s some more granular (and gloomy) data from the good ol’ Bureau of Labor Statistics:

If you work in the Information industry (as most of us do), the average number of weeks you’re unemployed is 30.1, or about six months. Only eleven percent of the unemployed information workers surveyed were back to work in under five weeks, which could quite possibly be the crappiest ratio out of all the industries the BLS tracks: even those entering the workforce with no previous work experience did better, with 17 percent of those newbies landing a job in under five weeks.

If that didn’t give you another reason to hate the college student in your life, we don’t know what will.