How Little America Cares About War in Iraq as Seen on LIVE with Kelly & Michael

kelly michael uptonICYMI: Kate Upton is easy on the eyes. At least, that’s what the cool kids say. I’m married so my eyes were removed years ago (Hey baby).

Anyhow, Upton provides a ratings spike to most shows as you can imagine.

Such was the case for LIVE with Kelly & Michael. Kelly Ripa is one of her 18 annual vacations, so the ABC network show decided to have Upton co-host with the recent Hall-of-Fame inductee Michael Strahan.

There they are: chuckling about a trip to Starbucks and visions of Upton in “flip-flops and a robe” causing a local barista to “jack up” Strahan’s cup of joe. Suddenly, ABC News interrupts with news of a presidential approval for air strikes in Iraq…again.

Twitter then bombed ABC for that painfully awkward juxtaposition.

Apparently, soccer moms and sad old men have something in common: Kate Upton.

And to make matters worse, the interruption by ABC News occurred during the show’s opening monologue. You see, U.S. forces had just launched airstrikes in Iraq against the Islamic militant group, ISIS. That’s really breaking news, but the story on TV was about Kate Upton in a robe. Remind us: do morning TV anchors have higher approval ratings than Congress?

First, the interruption:

And now, the fallback:

Media: it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to screw it up.