How J Public Relations Succeeds at Social Media

Sarah Evans, owner and partner at J Public Relations, can attribute her firm's growth and success, in part, to social media efforts.

sarah-evans, J Public Relations
In 2009, Sarah Evans helped launch the New York division of her business partner (and college friend) Jamie Lynn Sigler’s public relations firm, J Public Relations. And just six years later, JPR has 70 clients across the world and has seen a 50 percent year-over-year revenue increase in each of the five years of Evans’ tenure. Part of that success can be attributed to social media. JPR has more than 20,000 Twitter followers and has been recognized for its social media efforts. On that front, Evans shared some advice for other PR firms:

Social media can’t be just an afterthought and lumped into everything that you’re doing. I think it really has to be a dedicated team that’s paying attention to it and cultivating it. It has to be conversational, and it has to be a reflection of who you are. And the other thing is, don’t take your brand too seriously, so if you’re a company, you’re not just pushing out content. You’re engaging with people and making sure that content is really meaningful. People can only hear that there’s a package or a special so many times. It’s really about, if you’re a New York hotel, for example, talking about what’s happening in New York and becoming a resource for who you are and who your audience is.

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