How Is Twitter Changing The Scope Of Advertising? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all know that social media has changed the rules of the advertising game. No longer do you have to decide between print or TV ads – now you’ve got to choose between producing a viral video, starting a Twitter campaign or running a Facebook contest.

This infographic from MDGadvertising shows the many ways that advertising has changed thanks to Twitter and other social networks.

In ye olde days of mass-marketing, the intention of any ad was to deliver a message to a consumer. Now, with new media on the scene, advertisers have to engage their customers in a conversation. And that means not only sending out a coherent message, but listening and responding to feedback.

The infographic tells the tale of a growing demand among consumers for video and mobile ads. And, while Twitter isn’t yet primed for video ads (although I’m certain they will put more emphasis on in-line video in the future), it is arguably the number-one network for mobile.

And Twitter is right up there with the big-boys in terms of the proportion of companies who have acquired new customers through social media: Twitter saw a 41 percent acquisition rate, the same as both Facebook and LinkedIn.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how Twitter and Facebook are changing the landscape of advertising (click to enlarge):