How Is This Different?

The WaPo updates us on Capitol Leader today, telling us the paper is set to make it’s debut November 21.

Robert Allbritton “said the intent is to combine in-depth reporting from the Capitol Leader with the exposure of his company’s local television stations,” WJLA (Channel 7) and News Channel 8. Allbritton went on to say the hope is to offer advertisers packages with politically oriented television programs such as “Inside Washington” and “Capital Sunday,” which appear on Allbritton stations.

Martin Tolchin said he hoped to have about 14 reporters and a dozen editors when the paper is at full staff. The paper will follow the same publication schedule as The Hill. Allbritton executives plan to have Capitol Leader reporters appear regularly on WJLA and News Channel 8 programs. About 90 percent of the copies of paper will be available free on Capitol Hill.

“Like Roll Call and the Hill, the Capitol Leader plans to get advertising mainly from advocacy groups that want to get their message around Capitol Hill.”

Tolchin told the NYT the staff “would eventually” grow to 40, including reporters, editors, columnists and, it is hoped, an editorial cartoonist. The Capitol Leader will also have restaurant reviews, book reviews and other cultural coverage.

Allbritton better hope his instincts are correct and there is room for another Capital Hill paper — because judging by these details, Capitol Leader looks barely different than The Hill and Roll Call.