How imgur Reached 2 Billion Page Views [Infographic]

Have you ever used Reddit? If so — and I hope you have — you’ve probably clicked on an image here or there. A few years ago, those image links would have pointed to all sorts of different hosting services like imageshack and tinyimage, but those sites didn’t seem to do the trick for Reddit users. Some weren’t fast enough, some had too many ads. Whatever the reason, a Redditor named Alan Schaaf decided to put together a site to service Reddit better.

That site was imgur, and it now serves over 2 Billion monthly page views. Check out the infographic to see imgur’s path from 2009 to today.

After working with various server hosting solutions and achieving steady growth over 2009 and 2010, imgur had achieved 13 million monthly site visits with an average of 4:25 minutes on the site per visit.  That’s when they introduced those clear, easy image links beside the image you were viewing.  They also allowed users to vote and like images, just like on Reddit.  The site became an easy way to browse lots of hilarious images as determined by a massively democratic crowd.  As is typical for recent successful web businesses, the management decided not to spam the page with ads, and kept only one un-intrusive ad per page, which satisfied users and kept the page loading fast — the theory being that while ads make money, why not keep users happy and offer services to take a smaller slice of a bigger pie of a user base.

Check out the infographic below and head over to the imgur blog to read more about their latest growth.