How iHeart Reached 29 Million Monthly Active Users on Facebook

Despite heavy competition, iHeart has become the third largest app on Facebook and made developer Mmkay the seventh largest app developer by monthly active users, according to AppData, with 29.5 million people. What isn’t fully visible is how the developer managed to top heavy competition and become one of the most popular apps.

Well, we can’t underestimate the importance of heart-giving for people — it’s one of the classic themes for the many simple poking and gifting apps on the platform. Perhaps the simplicity was a draw? The app is mostly white space, a list of friends and a counter of how many hearts you can give out. This is in contrast to its competition. Give A Heart, Heart4U and Hearts & Flowers for Friends by Kari are all cluttered with ads and flash apps and options, iHeart is just bare.

The app also encourages heart-giving in bulk with your “beats per minute” raising as you use the app more. You can also put the app on your Facebook profile to speed up the process for others to give, and get, a variety of hearts. The app has also added a feature to gift people you may have forgotten during your last heart deliveries. The app also manages to hide about 170 different heart styles, far and away the largest selection of any heart-giving app.

With up to 24 hearts available to be given in a single day (and with a single click too)  the app has the potential to reach hundreds of friends quickly.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the app to see where it goes from here.