How I Bought Four Shares of Will Ferrell

If you’re a celebrity fanatic and into the stock market, FanSwarm is the social game for you. Not only do you get to receive the latest buzz on celebrities, but you also get to test your knowledge out by selecting the next celebrity buzz. Have you ever wanted to be the Studio Mogul? What about the Super Agent who recognizes new talent in the world? Maybe become a Start Climber with all of your connections in the entertainment world? FanSwarm has it all.

Don’t worry, you can change your role as frequently as you want! Achievement points allows you to level yourself up to unlock more of FanSwarm. You can receive these achievement points by completing daily and weekly achievements. In fact, you receive an achievement just for signing up!

Stardust, the currency of FanSwarm, allows you to purchase stakes in celebrities or other items. Since Elf is my favorite Christmas movie, I decided to look Will Ferrell up on FanSwarm. My reasoning was that it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and the buzz about the movie Elf would be extraordinary. Sadly, Will Ferrell’s buzz chart isn’t that crazy, it’s pretty constant. However, I decided to buy four stakes in him anyways for 287 Stardust a share. As of now, Will Ferrell is earning me 4 Stardust a day. Each celebrity profile contains the celebrity’s biography, any recent news and a buzz chart! Don’t worry if you can remember which celebrities you bought shares in, each FanSwarm users gets his or own portfolio. FanSwam’s portfolio sheet includes each celebrity you own stake in, stake price, total stakes, payout for the day and how long you’ve been holding shares in that celebrity.

Ever want to attend a party with your favorites celebrities? Well, now you can. FanSwarm allows you to throw parties to the needs of different celebrities. Buy different party items with Stardust to increase your chances of your favorite celebrity showing up. For instance, my first party was a FanSwarm Beach Party. In order to get Kim Kardashian to show up to my party, I needed to purchase items that would appeal to her: an umbrella and a good looking dude surfing. On the other hand, for Randy Moss, all I needed to find was an attractive women in a bikini for him to show up.

Don’t want to move at a slow pace? Don’t worry about it. However, it’s going to cost you. FanSwarm has another currency known as Fan Bucks. Fan Bucks allows the FanSwarm user to buy special items and progress in the game faster. In order to get Fan Bucks, the Fan Swarm user must purchase Fan Bucks via credit card, PayPal or by mobile phone.

The better choices you make regarding your stakes in celebrities, the more likely you are to make a Stardust profit. The more Stardust you have, the more celebrities and items you can buy. For someone who has extreme knowledge in the celebrity world, collecting Stardust should not be a problem at all. I’d recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of the celebrity world or anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much time social gaming.