How Gay Is Superman? Nightline Investigates

A press release we just received from ABC, presented — for now — without comment:

“How Gay Is Superman?”
Or Jewish. Or Christ-like. The Battle to Claim Superman as an Icon

June 19, 2006 — He’s clearly into fitness, and splashy summer colors. The new film about him, “Superman Returns” — which comes, er, out on June 28 — is being advertised on Logo, the gay and lesbian cable TV channel. And now the gay magazine, The Advocate, is asking “How Gay Is Superman?”

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The Advocate is not actually claiming that Superman is gay; it’s making a larger point: like many gays and lesbians, Superman has a secret life. In the closet, or phone booth, as the case may be, Superman has another identity that he doesn’t share with anyone.

Nonetheless, Warner Brothers executives — perhaps afraid questions about the Man of Steel’s sexual orientation might marginalize the film — have pushed back on The Advocate’s query and the Internet buzz it has created. The film’s director, Bryan Singer, who is gay, insisted to “Entertainment Weekly” that Superman “is probably the most heterosexual character in any movie I’ve ever made.” (Whatever that means)

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