How Front Gate Tickets earned 10x ROI through Facebook ads


Front Gate Tickets handles tickets and promotions for some of the biggest musical festivals in the country, such as Coachella and Lollapalooza, as well as events like the X Games. With help from social data firm Umbel, Front Gate Tickets was able to utilize Facebook advertising to reach music fans and other event goers, earning a 10X return on investment.

Front Gate Tickets incorporated Facebook login into their purchasing process, allowing buyers to see if their friends are going to the same event. This also gave Front Gate Tickets the chance to pitch events to people via Facebook ads.

Uri Bogler, Front Gate Tickets’ Vice President of Marketing, talked with Inside Facebook about the major problem that was facing his company and how partnering with Umbel to use targeted Facebook ads helped:

(Umbel) creates this digital genome to try to do precise, data-driven lookalike campaigns on Facebook to reach fans who may not know about an upcoming show. Really that’s the problem we’re trying to solve. One of the biggest reasons people don’t attend concerts or festivals is because they didn’t hear about it  or didn’t know about it in the first place. Facebook advertising can work really well and Umbel’s reach extension campaigns have worked great.

Bogler said Front Gate runs roughly 2-5 campaigns with Umbel each week, targeting Facebook users who may be interested in events based on past purchasing history. He said that typically, anywhere from 15 to 40 percent of people who purchase tickets through Front Gate utilize Facebook login, giving the company a great data pool. Bogler pointed out one campaign where there was a 10X return on investment.

From there, Front Gate works with Umbel to create lookalike audiences based on people who have attended similar events.

Bogler discussed the success he’s seen with Facebook advertising:

We were uploading custom audiences and doing lookalikes based on Facebook’s algorithm, which is also very effective. We’ve seen results almost double since we started working with Umbel. We’re coupling this too, with the (Website Custom Audiences) pixel, so we have retargeting as well. The reach extension ads through Umbel are driving people to come through the ticket purchase page.

Front Gate offered this look at the results of one such campaign for an event, where a little more than $150 was spent, gaining 44 conversions and a $2,600 return.

image001Top image courtesy of Coachella’s Facebook page.