How FNC’s Bret Baier Avoids the ‘Crap Trap’

In a recent interview in Men’s Health, FNC anchor Bret Baier addressed the “I Don’t Give a Crap Trap.” This involves the ever challenging balancing act between family and work.

In a story headlined “Dad vs. Job” the interviewer asks:

It’s easy for men to get caught in what I call the “I Don’t Give a Crap Trap,” which is your family doesn’t give a crap that you have a job and your boss doesn’t give a crap that you have a family. When you went back to work, how did you—and how do you still today—compartmentalize your responsibilities?

Baier: (laughs) That’s a great question. I covered the Pentagon for five years and worked alongside [National Security Correspondent] Jack McWethy from ABC News. We were on a trip one time over to Iraq and had a long conversation on the plane. He said, “If there’s one thing I can tell you Bret, it’s that as you get more and more into this day-to-day coverage and work becomes your life, just make sure that when you walk through the door at home, you hang up your work along with your coat. When you’re at home you’re at home, when you’re at work, you’re at work.”

That’s the ideal. He said he had managed to get around compartmentalizing those two times and it made his life a lot better. In 2008, Jack died in a skiing accident and when I was at his memorial service I remembered that. What a poignant thing that his family time was his family time and he was still one of the best Pentagon correspondents ever. That’s what I strive for. For example, I like to go to cardiologist appointments with [son] Paul, so we try to schedule them early in the morning so I can make my morning meeting. But if it runs over or something happens, I have a very understanding boss. So compartmentalizing is a big thing when you get home. And if you’re fortunate enough to work with a company that gets family, that’s important, too.

Read the full interview here.

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