How Far Will A Reporter Go?

toddsmithson.jpgWe shuddered a little when we read Rabbi Richard Rushfield’s beautifully moving piece on “Todd Smithson, husband of Carly, the greatest singer in Idol history.”

It wasn’t the sad-but-sweet tale of how Smithson became something of an outcast after he tattooed his face that made us quiver. It was the the fact that the good rabbi met with the Idol-spouse in Smithson’s San Diego tattoo parlor. We know a thing or two about reporters and tattoo parlors: Whenever an inquisitive media type enters one, he or she leaves with some ink. We’ve seen it happen twice before. Would it happen a third time?

The rabbi’s piece makes no mention of it, but we’ve heard rumors that we was, in fact, considering going under the needle. Here’s hoping that if he did get a tattoo, it wasn’t on his face.