How Does the HTML5 Version of Figure into Apple’s iOS 5 Twitter Integration?

Screenshot courtesy of TechCrunch.
It isn’t surprising to watch Google try to move people away from mobile apps to rich web versions of services like Google Maps and Mail. Now, this move away from apps is gaining momentum at Twitter too. They are rolling out an app-like experience to web interface iPad users see.

Twitter Rolls Out An Improved, HTML5 Version Of For iPad (TechCrunch)

Much of Twitter’s success can probably be attribute to the many mobile apps for smartphones. But, Twitter has been mounting a drive to control the way people use it by buying popular clients like Tweetie (now the official iOS Twitter app) and TweetDeck.

Interestingly, of the big social networking sites, Twitter was an earlier supporter of providing an app for the iPad. Facebook still does not have an app that scales for the iPad’s display. And, Google’ Google+ iOS app does not even install on an iPad.

The even bigger question is; How does this HTML5 version for the iPad play with Apple’s Twitter integration plans for iOS 5?

I don’t see this version in my Twitter account yet. However, TechCrunch’s Alexia Tsotsis’ account has the new user interface and it looks very similar to Twitter’s current official iPad app. It is ironic that Apple’s original intent for web-apps (the iPhone did not have apps for the first year) is coming into play now that the App Store is a huge success.

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