How Do You Spend Time on Facebook?

Chances are high that if you read this blog, you probably spend a fair amount of time on Facebook. I know I do! Hugh Macleod has posted about Facebook consciously sacrificing design improvements for the purpose of extending the amount of time users spend on Facebook. I have to disagree with Hugh on this one. Is Facebook really trying to keep you on their site longer by spending hours rejecting application invites? Doubt it.

That would be like Home Depot deciding to scatter random pieces of hardware and other random items throughout the floor of their store simply to have you spend more time trying to navigate to the section that has what you are looking for. Would Home Depot do that? No way! Conversely, Home Depot is in the business of making transactions whereas Facebook has very few transaction items. Facebook is more about grazing.

I spend a lot of time just browsing through my newsfeed, looking at events, groups, friends photos and friend profiles. Honestly, Facebook is like a black hole for me and I consistently get sucked into the site and find myself accomplishing nothing. How do you spend your time on Facebook? Do you think Facebook would consciously sacrifice usability for time spent?

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