How Do You Measure Corporate Blogging Success?

If you think it's all about traffic, you're wrong. If you think it's all about targeted traffic, you're wrong. Read this post to find out what REALLY matters.

Traffic is important – there’s no doubt about it. But, you’ll need to do more than bring bodies to your corporate blog in order to generate ROI. In fact, it even takes more than bringing the right bodies. After all, getting your brand or message in front of a person in your target market doesn’t instantly translate to revenue. Further, your corporate blog isn’t a success unless it’s contributing (as directly as possible) to your top line.

I’ll be honest: when I started as a corporate blogger, I spent too much time looking at the traffic numbers. Yes, it was important to hit a sufficient volume in order for us to reach our broader business objectives … but I was a bit too happy to celebrate the volume itself.

Traffic is only the first part of turning your corporate blog into a success. As a result, it isn’t your most important metric.

Rather than focus on traffic (even if it’s from your target market), your corporate blog’s goals should look like business objectives rather than social media objectives. Measure success based on leads you generate for your sales force (or conversions, if appropriate). Keep track of the number of cases where you bring additional intelligence to your sales team to support either prospecting or advancing existing sales efforts.

Simply put: the best metric for your blog is contribution to revenue. If you can’t measure it directly, identify ways in which you can track support for the sales force.

Traffic alone isn’t enough to turn your corporate blog into a success. When you’re in the planning stages, think more about your company objectives and marketing objectives. Think about how your corporate blog will help you attain them. Then, measure your results. It’s okay to be happy about traffic and reach, but they must turn into revenue at some point.

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