How Do You Know If The Recession’s Over?

Kiplinger’s put together a list of six economic indicators that, when at least half have recovered, may signal an end to the recession.

So far, as you can see, we ain’t doing so hot. The only high point is the lowness of our interest rate spread, which is a measure of how willing banks are to loan to each other. After hitting a high point in about November 2008 of 4.5 percent, the spread is back below a healthy .5 percent.

Meanwhile, however, jobless claims remain over 600,000 weekly—Kiplinger’s says four weeks below 550,000 would be a good sign—durable goods orders are near the lowest point in two years, home sales have a long way to go, and consumer confidence is in the gutter.

Kiplinger’s will be updating their page regularly, so check back for better news.