How Do You Impress A Headhunter? (Headhunters, How Do Jobseekers Impress You?)

How do you impress a headhunter?

Be brief, be brilliant, and be gone, says Nick Corcodilos in his latest Ask The Headhunter newsletter.

We’d argue that this is a good strategy to use on anyone interviewing you, but since headhunters’ pay depends entirely on how quickly they can fill an open position with a qualified candidate, you don’t want to waste their time trying to be impressive.

The easiest way to be impressive, Corcodilos says, is to ask one simple question: “What does your client need a new hire to do in order to make an impact on the company’s profitability?”

Sounds simple, and it is. But, Corcodilos writes, few candidates actually ask that.

At the end of the meeting, close with something like: “I know you’ll talk with other candidates. If you introduce me to your client, I’ll be ready to prove that I can do the job profitably, make you look good, and help you close the deal. Any guidance you can offer me will help us both.”

“It’s a rare candidate who approaches a headhunter with such integrity and preparation,” he says.

Why do we like this? It’s not showmanny. It shows a teensy bit of vulnerability (“I’m asking for help”) but still makes you look prepared and confident.

Any headhunters reading this? What do you like to see?