How Do You Avoid Procrastination While Writing?

Writer’s block can strike at any time, but personally I think procrastination is a writer’s worst enemy. Thinking to yourself, “Oh, I’ll sit down and start writing, but first I need to make some coffee, check my email, tweet, return a phone call, etc.” is not going to get you anywhere. With this approach, days drift by, and deadlines loom closer.

To get over procrastination it helps to set realistic daily goals, organize your schedule to allow for time and exercise self-control. Life Hacker has a great piece on self-control this week and offers a few tips on how to avoid temptations. Here is some advice from the post: “As a weekly exercise, pick something you do in excess and stop for a week. Stop watching television, don’t eat out, or keep technology out of the bedroom so you can sleep better. While a week isn’t going to kick any particular habit, it’s pretty easy to stop anything for such a short period of time and making it through the week will give you the confidence that you can control yourself.”

I’d suggest adding, pick something you do in excess that prevents you from writing. Is it tweeting? Smoking? Quit for a week, or more realistically ration it out. Tell yourself you can tweet or smoke only after you’ve written a page.

What are some tricks that you use to avoid procrastinating?