How do hotels and resorts stack up on Facebook?


We looked at 2,121 hotels and resorts on Facebook, covering 114,634 posts.


  • Scenery shots generate the most likes at 28.71 per 1,000 impressions — almost 5 times as much as link posts.
  • People are more likely to comment or share on food photos (.99 comments per 1,000 impressions and 2.98 shares per 1,000 impressions).
  • The destination, not the room amenities, drives interactions — less than 50% of engagement is on posts related to facilities.

Hotels post 32 times per month, broken out as:

  • 1.9 links
  • 27.8 photos
  • 1 status update
  • 1.6 videos

Top hotels and resorts such as the MGM Grand, Aria or Sierra-At-Tahoe average above 50 posts per month, almost twice per day. Correspondingly, they drive high interactions.

86% of all posts for these premium hotels are images, with few links and videos.  Links or videos typically are for special events such as performances or Facebook exclusive deals.




2014-01-15 03_58_23-Travel_Industry_11182013_V4 - Microsoft Word

Another interesting point is that most hotels are wasting energy by posting too frequently. Some hotels are posting close to 30 times per day and have 1/6th the engagement of some of their competitors.  There is a sweet spot for how many often you post, which is between 3 and 7 times per day.

2014-01-15 03_59_00-Travel_Industry_11182013_V4 - Microsoft Word

Instead of looking generically at post type, we categorized them into 7 different categories: promotions/contests, on-site activities, food/restaurant, local activities, scenery, internal property, and external links.

Likes Per 1,000 Impressions Comments Per 1,000 Impressions Shares Per 1,000 Impressions
Promotions/Contests 5.54 0.31 0.19
On-site Activities 8.96 0.39 0.23
Food/Restaurant 27.75 0.99 2.98
Local Activities 8.68 0.14 0.25
Scenery 28.71 0.73 1.98
Internal property 11.93 0.62 0.66
External Links 6.29 0.11 0.29

For every 1,000 impressions, food and restaurant posts generated 27.75 likes, .99 comments, and 2.98 shares.  The only other category that came close was scenery, which had 28.71 likes, .73 comments, and 1.98 shares.

Scenic shots carry emotion and desire, while room amenities don’t.

2014-01-15 03_59_58-Travel_Industry_11182013_V4 - Microsoft Word

What is the takeaway from this?

Don’t over do it with promotions or on-site activities.

If you must, run promotions as dark posts to fans.

Readers: What’s the emotional appeal of the area you’re located or the food you serve?

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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