How Do Gen Y Workers Use Social Media?

Thanks to a new study from Dan Schawbel’s Millennial Branding and we now know a little more than we did about how social media and the workplace intersects for gen Y workers.

One not so surprising finding: Most gen-Y workers seem to prefer to keep their Facebook profiles separate from their work life. Out of four million Facebook users ages 18-29, only 36% listed a job on their profile. Not all the rest are unemployed, surely, so perhaps these people “define themselves by their colleges instead of their workplaces,” as the study said.

Of those who list job titles, “owner” is the fifth most popular title. This is an entrepreneurial bunch.

The full infographic is available here, but we’ll summarize some of the most interesting findings.

-Four out of five millennials have at least one work friend, and two in five have more than 10 work friends. The average number of work friends is 16, or just 2% of an average millennial’s total friend count.
-The US Military is the largest employer of gen-y workers. The largest corporate employer of gen-y workers is Deloitte, but most millennials work for startups.

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