How Do Celebrities Use Twitter? Interview With @LauraCalder

Celebrities use Twitter for a lot of reasons – promoting a new venture, to praise or complain about something, to share information, to spread news about a good cause.  So I thought it would be fun to hear from the celebs themselves about how they use it.

@LauraCalder cooked at an early age and after university moved to Paris, Germany, Toronto and the UK to do a variety of things, none of which were to cook.  She moved to Vancouver for cooking school and things fell into place. In France,  she made French food and wrote her first cookbook French Food at Home ( Her TV series of the same name can be seen on the Food Network). She has since written French Taste: elegant everyday eating,and the next book book, Dinner Chez Moi will be released by HarperCollins in fall 2011. 

When you joined: My television producers created my twitter site a couple of months ago. I was sort of forced into it against my will.

Why you signed up: I signed up because someone else had signed up with my name and image and was writing tweets that weren’t mine. I had to join to beat them.

Number of followers: Well, I’m new,  I think it’s 600 or something, which is not very exciting is it! [Note: 639 is nothing to sniff at, Laura]

Number following: Oh no, I think 5 or something ridiculous.  I still haven’t spent enough time on it to really understand it and I was just away for 6 weeks with very little phone or internet so I couldn’t tweet — even though I had lots I could have tweeted about for once!

Your favourite part of twitter:  @lesleychesterman, the restaurant reviewer of the Montreal Gazette, and my friend @NathalieFindlay in France who has a lifestyle business. They’re model tweeters.

Least favourite: Feeling like I have to write something when I have nothing to say.  In life, I believe in the opposite.  I also hate that it’s yet another thing that pulls me away from living real life.

Do you have any rules? For twitter… No, should I?

What do you use twitter for mostly – promotion, conversation, etc.? I haven’t figured out yet quite what it’s supposed to achieve and quite how I want to use it.  In an ideal world, tweets should be immediate and make people think.  That’s a lot tricker than it sounds, I’ve found out.

What have been some of the best tweets you’ve done? Oh, I get no prizes there so far.

Any great stories you want to share? Yes, on paper though, not on or about twitter.

How often do you tweet? From where (phone, home computer, etc.)?

I do it from my home computer, which is why I’m so rotten at it.  I really have to get it set up on my phone because, as I said, I think it’s the immediacy of everyday observances that makes twitter interesting.  Ideally, I’ll learn to make each tweet like a glance at something that  turns on a lightbulb in your head for a second. And that has to happen in the moment, not hours later when you finally get around to it.

Do you try to tweet at only specific times or is it more like, “whenever”? Whenever.

Do you ever use Twitter as a procrastination tool? No, I use procrastination as a twitter avoidance tool.

Will you be retweeting this interview? If I can figure out how.

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