How Do Celebrities Use Twitter? Interview With @JullyBlack

Celebrities use Twitter for a lot of reasons – promoting a new venture, to praise or complain about something, to share information, to spread news about a good cause.  So I thought it would be fun to hear from the celebs themselves about how they use it.

Singer/Songwriter extraordinaire @JullyBlack is a force to be reckoned when it comes to drive and success, but her tweets are always positive, inspirational and often funny too.
When you joined: 2009 I think ; ) [Actual date: Dec 16, 2008]
Why you signed up: So I can connect with like minded people and have my fans get to know who I am and not just what I do.
Number of followers: 4568
Number following: 461
Your favourite part of Twitter: The fact that it has made the world a neighbourhood!
Least favourite: Attention Seekers with negative tweets. I’ve un-followed many people.
Do you have any rules? Don’t share what you can’t back up.
What do you use twitter for mostly – promotion, conversation, etc.? Freedom : )
What have been some of the best tweets you’ve done? Quoting my mother is the BEST! One things for sure, everyone on there has a Mother. I also was the 5th American Idol Judge on Twitter, but was more insightful and comical then judgmental.
Any great stories you want to share? Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser is one of my favourite people on TV and when someone performed “Seven Day Fool” on American Idol, one of my fans sent him the link to my video via Twitter and he fell in LOVE and shared it with his Facebook Fan Page and all his Twitter followers. We even exchanged tweets! I’m a health and  fitness buff so that was a Twitter blessing.
Whose tweets do you enjoy getting? There’s a man @revtrev who is a minister who has like 80, 000 followers. He is so uplifting and has replied to me a few times. I LOVE @bifnaked‘s tweets also. When she sends a hug via Twitter you feel it right where you are standing. There are quite a few, but they stand out.
How often do you tweet? From where? What platform or social media dashboard  do you use? I use Twitter for BlackBerry and UberSocial.
Do you try to tweet at only specific times or is it more like, “whenever”? Nope, In fact today I took a break. Twitter can become a full time job and I have two new singles about to drop, so my focus has to be there.  Look out for “Pushin” and “Can U Feel it.” “8IGHT” Coming soon : )
Do you ever use Twitter as a procrastination tool? Hahahahaha, that’s funny. Probably unconsciously.
Will you be retweeting this interview? It’s more then 140 Characters : ) I will once I see it pop up in my timeline.
Any other thoughts? Just want to say thank you to the developers of Twitter for creating a tool to bring all walks of life together. We all get 140 Characters whether you’re @MarthaStewart, @Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z or @JullyBlack!
**Jully Black’s previous albums are available now. Her new album, “8IGHT” debuts soon, with a new single premiering in just a few weeks.
(Photo Credit: Koby)